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Grouping API Specifications

API modeler uses the concept of groups to enable you to organize your API specs.

The left of the API Modeler page lists groups, which are different folders containing API specs. Initially, there is only a Default group, but you can create more groups and move API specs between them.

You can do the following with groups:

  • Click on the different groups to the left to display the API specs within that group. You can also view all API specs by clicking All API specs

  • Drag and drop an API spec from the currently displayed groups to one of the groups listed to the left, and the API spec will be moved to that group.

  • Click the + to add a new group. You will be prompted for a new name for the group. If you create a new group and do not move an API spec into that group, the group will be removed after you log out.

  • Click the action menu and select Rename group or Delete group to rename or delete the currently displayed group. Note that you cannot rename or delete the Default group. After the current group is removed, all the API specs currently under this group will be automatically moved to the Default group.