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Changing the Request and Response Schemas

You can make changes to the schema for only those APIs that were created from ground up by you without using a Swagger file. A Swagger file is like a contract that must not be broken. An API created using a Swagger file must implement the Swagger contract exactly and cannot be modified. Hence, for APIs that were created using a Swagger file imported from an external source other than API Modeler, you can only view the schemas, but cannot modify them.

For APIs that were imported from the API Modeler into your workspace, you can check for differences between your local copy and the original version in the API Modeler. If you find that the original version has changed since you imported it, you can update your local copy to get the changes. To do so, follow the instructions in Synchronizing the Imported REST API Models in the TIBCO Business Studio™ section.

If you make schema changes to the APIs that were created ground up by you in TIBCO Business Studio, the Swagger for such APIs automatically gets updated by the TIBCO Business Studio.