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Converting a TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ Project to a TIBCO® Cloud Integration Project

To use a project that was created in TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ in TIBCO® Cloud Integration, you must first import the project into the TIBCO Business Studio™ - Cloud Edition, clean the project of unsupported elements, then convert the project to Cloud Edition.

Important: This procedure applies to projects created in ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ 6.x. Conversion of projects created in versions of ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ prior to 6.x is not supported.

To convert the project, do the following in TIBCO Business Studio™ - Cloud Edition:


The project must be accessible from the TIBCO Business Studio™ - Cloud Edition and available for conversion.


  1. Import the project by going to File > Import > General > Existing Studio Projects into Workspace.
  2. Click Select archive file radio button and browse to the project to import and click Open.
  3. Click Finish.
    The project should appear in the Project Explorer.
  4. In Project Explorer, select both the application and the application module, right-click and select Refactor > Repair BusinessWorks Projects.
  5. In the Repair BusinessWorks Projects dialog, select Convert Projects To Current Edition and click OK.
  6. Manually fix any errors that you see in project, such as, unsupported activities and mapping errors.
  7. Check the manifest file in the project to make sure that the TIBCO-BW-Edition property has been added and set to bwcloud as follows:

    The application can now be pushed to the cloud.