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Importing an API Model into your Workspace

The APIs that are discovered from local and remote servers are displayed in the API Explorer tab of the TIBCO Business Studio. You can use these APIs in your project by importing them into the Service Descriptors folder of the project. The .json file for the API gets copied into the application module.

To import the APIs from the API Explorer into your project follow these steps.


  1. Right-click on one or more API names in the API Explorer and select Import.
    The Import API dialog opens.

    Every API you selected in the API Explorer is listed in this dialog. If an API has multiple versions, all versions are listed. By default, all APIs listed here are selected. You can deselect APIs that you do not want to import by clearing its check box.

  2. Select the Import to project radio button to import the API into an existing project and browse to the project using the Browse button. To create a new project and import the API into that project select the Create a new project and import API to the new project radio button. This option walks you through the new project wizard, and after you go through the wizard will create a new project and import the API into its Service Descriptors folder.
  3. Select the API or the appropriate version of the API should there be multiple versions of the API available in the API list to import box.
  4. Click Finish.
    You should see the API(s) under the Service Descriptors folder of the project. You can create sub-folders under the Service Descriptors folder and drag-and-drop APIs into them if you prefer to organize the APIs into a meaningful folder structure.

    As an alternative to the above procedure, you can also drag and drop the API from the API Explorer into the project's Service Descriptors folder.

    Note: APIs that were created using a Swagger file must be implemented exactly as defined by the Swagger file. TIBCO Business Studio allows you to only view the parameters and operations that are defined in the Swagger file. You cannot create any new parameters or operations for such applications.