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Using Custom XPath Function

You can use the newly created Custom XPath functions at design time and run time.

Making Your Custom XPath Function Available


  1. Right-click the Custom XPath Function Plug-in project and select Export from the menu. On the Export window, select Plug-in Development > Deployable plug-ins and fragments and click Next.

  2. Select the Install into host Repository radio button on the Deployable plug-ins and fragments screen and click Finish.

    The Custom XPath function plug-in is exported into the TIBCO Business Studio instance to use at design time.
  3. You may be prompted with the following security warning message. Click OK.

  4. Click Restart Now when the following window is displayed.

  5. In TIBCO Business Studio, the Custom XPath function is available for use in any activity mapper in a process.

Making Custom XPath Function Available at Run Time

  • After using the Custom XPath function in an activity in a process at design time, include the Custom XPath function plug-in the application project.

  • After including the Custom XPath Function Plug-in in the application project, test it in the Debugger and then, export it as an EAR, and deploy at run time.