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The End activity is the last activity in a direct subprocess definition. When a direct subprocess is called from another process, the direct subprocess provides output data to the calling process. You can map data from other activities in the process to an output schema specified on the End activity. This becomes the output of the process.


The General tab has the following fields.

Field Description
Name The name to be displayed as the label for the activity in the process.


Provide a short description for the activity.

Input Editor

Use the Input Editor tab to define ouput data for the subprocess. Any process that calls this process definition receives this data after the process call completes.

You can define your own datatype on this tab, and reference an XML schema stored in the project. Once defined, the data specified on the Input Editor tab becomes the input schema of the End activity. You can then map data from other activities in the process to the End activity’s input, and this becomes the output of the process when the process completes.
Tip: From the Select Schema Element Declaration window, select Include WSLD Inline Schemas to display inline schemas from the WSDLs in the module.


The input for the activity is defined by the specified data elements on the Input tab.

Fault Editor

Use the Fault Editor tab to specify possible faults for the direct subprocess to throw.