Palettes group activities that perform similar tasks. TIBCO Business Studio™ provides various technology specific palettes that provide quick access to activities when building a process.

Palettes are typically located to the right of the Process Editor in TIBCO Business Studio™. Depending on the process being designed and the stage of process development, you can focus on the activities available under appropriate palettes.

In TIBCO Business Studio™, the Palette views displays the list of activities contained in a palette and allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Search for activities in palettes.
  • Use multiple palettes and save them as grouped palette sets.
  • Save palettes, or the grouped palette sets, as favorites.
  • View recently used palettes.
  • Create virtual palettes, which means that some activities can be taken from unrelated palettes. This activity is called a custom shortcut.
Note: See Design-time Concepts for details about the TIBCO Business Studio™ development environment.