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Transform XML

Transform XML is a synchronous activity that invokes the built-in XSLT processor to apply an XSLT stylesheet to an XML source document and produce a result document.


Normally, transformation of data occurs by mapping process variables to an activity's input and applying XPath expression to perform any transformation. If you have an XSLT file that you are using for transformation, or if an outside source supplies an XSLT file, this activity helps you to use the XSLT file instead of manually creating the mappings.

For more information about creating and editing XSLT files, see the XSLT specifications at

The General tab has the following fields.

Field Description
Name The name to be displayed as the label for the activity in the process.
Stylesheet The XSLT file shared configuration resource to use when transforming the XML. You can also specify an XSLT stylesheet in the stylesheet input element, if desired. Stylesheets specified in the activity input override the stylesheet specified in this field.
Input and Output Style Specifies whether the input and output is Text or Binary.


Provide a short description for the activity.


The following is the input for the activity.

Input Item Datatype Description
xmlString binary The XML to transform. If the input/output style is set to binary, this element is named xmlBytesIn. If the input/output style is set to text, this element is named xmlString. If the input/output style is set to tree, this element is named xmlTree.
styleSheet string This optional element contains the XSLT stylesheet to use to transform the XML input. This stylesheet overrides the stylesheet specified in the styleSheet field in the General tab.
parameter complex This repeating element contains the input parameters for the stylesheet.

Each input parameter is specified as name/value pairs. The name is a string that corresponds to the name of the parameter specified in the XSLT stylesheet parameter list.

name string The name of the stylesheet input parameters.
value string The value to supply for the specified stylesheet input parameters.
isXMLDocument boolean Specifies whether the parameter is an XML document.


The following is the output for the activity.

Output Item Datatype Description
xmlString text or binary or complex A binary or text value or an XML tree containing the output schema specified by the XSLT file.

The element is named xmlString and is of type Text when you select Text for the input/output style on the General tab. The element is named xmlOutput and is of type binary when Binary is selected. The element is named treeOutput and is a complex type when you select tree.


The Fault tab lists the possible exceptions thrown by this activity.

Fault Thrown When..
XMLTransformException An exception occurred when transforming the data.
UnsupportedEncodingException Data was supplied that is encoded in an unsupported encoding.
MissingByteCountException An exception occurred while transforming the data with an invalid or missing byte count.