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Repeat on Error

Using the Repeat on Error group, you can repeat a series of activities when an unmanageable error occurs. The activities in this group are executed once. If there are no unmanageable errors, the loop terminates. If an error occurs for which there is no error transition, the condition of the loop is evaluated. If the condition is true, the loop terminates. If the condition is false, the loop repeats until there is no error or the condition is true.


The General tab has the following fields.

Field Description
Name The name to be displayed as the label for the activity in the process.
Group Type The type of group. The default is Repeat on Error.
Index Name Use this field to specify a name for the index variable.
Stop Repeat Condition The condition specifies that the activities inside the Repeat On Error are performed repeatedly until the condition evaluates to false.


Provide a short description for the group in this field.


A group of shared variables. Depending on the group selected in the Group Type, the Container displays the group. For example, if Repeat on Error group is selected in the Group Type field, it displays RepeatOnError in Container. You can add multiple variables of complex or simple type.

You can select from the following available Variable Type options:

  • String
  • Integer
  • Decimal
  • Boolean
  • Date&Time