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Adding a Single Coercion

To add a single coercion to an element, follow these steps.


  1. From the Data Source tab, select the element type of an element, right-click on the element and select Add/Edit Coercion....
  2. In the Coercion window, click the icon to add a coercion for the selected element.
  3. Accept the default option for the Component Type field.
  4. Select a schema for the Namespace field by choosing an option from the drop-down menu, or click the browse icon to view a list of available schemas in the application module.
  5. Click the Type field, to select an element type.
    Note: Ensure that the Type you select is an extension of the base type.
  6. Optional. Select the Cardinality check box, and choose one of the following options from the drop-down menu:
    • Optional (?): Selecting this option sets the cardinality to zero to 1.
    • Exactly one: Selecting this option sets the cardinality to 1.
    • Repeating (*): Selecting this option sets the cardinality to 0 to infinity.
    • At least one (+): Selecting this option sets the cardinality to 1 to infinity.
  7. Click OK to coerce the element type to be the datatype of the selected schema element.


In the Data Source tab, the element of the selected datatype is replaced with the schema you specified. The coerced element can be mapped to any element in the Activity Input panel.

In the image below, the coerced element displays with the icon in front of the element name, and the type you selected in parenthesis.