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Testing an Application in TIBCO Business Studio

Using TIBCO Business Studio you can test your applications during design phase using the debugger.

The debugger provides the runtime environment to test your application in TIBCO Business Studio. When you run an application using the debugger, the Console view displays all messages when executing the application.


  1. Open the application module in TIBCO Business Studio and select the component process in the Project Explorer.
    The selected process opens in the Process Editor.
  2. From the menu, click Run > Debug Configurations.
  3. In the Debug Configurations window, expand the tree under BusinessWorks Application and select BWApplication.
  4. Click the Applications tab. If multiple applications are selected, click Deselect All. Then select the check box next to the application name you want to run.
    If needed, specify additional information such as engine properties in the debug configuration. See Configuring the Debugger for details.
  5. Click Debug to run the application in Debug mode.
    The engine and the runtime entities are started and the selected application deploys. The Console view displays a log of the execution.
  6. After completing the execution, click the Terminate icon to stop the process.