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Promoting Module Properties for Visibility at the Application Level

Module properties in an application module are visible and applicable only to the module in which they were created. They are internal to the application module and are not available at the application level. When you push an application to TIBCO Cloud Integration, the module properties in the application module are not visible in the TIBCO® Cloud Integration by default. To make the module properties visible in TIBCO Cloud Integration, you must promote the module properties to application property in TIBCO Business Studio before pushing the application to TIBCO Cloud Integration.

You can override the value of an application property in TIBCO Cloud Integration using tibcli or from the Web UI after pushing an application to TIBCO Cloud Integration. For doing so using the CLI (tibcli), refer to the "Configuring App Properties With TIBCO® Cloud - Command Line Interface" section under the "Using the CLI" section in Getting Started. For doing so using the TIBCO Cloud Integration Web UI, refer to the "Configuring App Properties" section under the "Managing Apps" section in Getting Started.

To promote a module property to the application level, do the following:


  1. In Project Explorer, fully expand the application and double-click Properties under Package Unit.
    This opens the Properties editor in the right pane which displays both application properties as well as the module properties.
  2. Expand the application module name, select the module property, and double-click its value column ([default]) to reveal the edit buttons.
  3. Click the button to promote the module property to the application level and save the application.
    The property should appear under Application. Also, the value of the original module property will change color to blue and enclosed in %% indicating that the property has been promoted. The property will now be visible at the application level.

    To revert the promotion, double-click the [default] column and click the button. This removes the mapping of the promoted application property from its source module property but will not delete the promoted property appearing under Application. Make sure to manually delete the promoted property under Application in order to clean up unwanted properties.

    If you edit a module property on this page, its color changes to blue indicating that the value of this property was overridden.

Deleting a Promoted Property

To delete a promoted property, select it under Application and click Delete.