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Importing WSDLs

Follow these steps to import WSDL files from the internet into TIBCO Business Studio.


  1. Right-click the Service Descriptors folder, and select Import > Import WSDL from URL
  2. Enter the URL of the WSDL in the Resource URL field.
    The Import Location field is automatically populated with the import location of the WSDL and XSD files being imported. By default, WSDL file are imported to the Service Descriptors folder and XSD files are imported to the Schemas folder. You can update these import locations in the wizard.
    Note: If you enter a remote WSDL URL, and the WSDL contains dependencies, these dependencies will be listed in the Dependencies section of the Import WSDL from URL wizard.
  3. Optional. Unselect the Update import location attribute and include location attribute to reference WSDL and XSD files imported locally check box if you do not the import location to be automatically updated with the relative locations of corresponding and already imported WSDL and XSD files.