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SOAP Service Binding

Using SOAP service binding you can create a service provider through the SOAP protocol.


This section has the following fields.

Field Description
Name The name of the service binding.
Description A short description of the service getting exposed.
Target Namespace The Target Namespace of the service.

Generate Concrete WSDL

The SOAP service binding helps you to create the concrete WSDL using Concrete WSDL Generation Wizard. See Generating Concrete WSDL for more details.

SOAP Default Configuration

This section has the following fields.

Field Description
SOAP Version The version of the SOAP specification: 1.1 or 1.2. The default is 1.1.
Style The default SOAP binding style for all operations. Specify either Document or RPC style.
Encoding Encoding is literal.
Attachment Style Select the default attachment style for all the binding operations. Can be overridden at the operations level for each operation.

The following attachment styles are available:

  • SwA - Supports both, Bound and Unbound Attachments
  • MTOM

The MTOM attachment style is available only if SOAP 1.2 specification is used.

Transport Configuration

This section has the following fields.

Field Literal Value/Module Property Description
Transport Type None The transport over which SOAP message is sent. The HTTP transport is supported.
Connector Name None The name of the shared resource. This points to the HTTP shared transport configuration.
Configuration for HTTP Transport
HTTP Connector Name None Name of the HTTP Connector resource.
Tip: Click on the HTTP Connector Name field to display details about the HTTP Connector resource.
Endpoint URI Yes The endpoint URI for the service.
Note: Imported projects display the HTTP Authentication check box under the Transport Configuration section if the check box was selected when the project was created. Authentication remains enabled on the SOAP Service Binding if you do not clear the check box. If you clear the Authentication check box, a warning message is displayed prompting you to confirm your action. To remove authentication from the binding, click OK. Once you have removed authentication from the SOAP Service Binding, you can reapply it using the Basic Authentication policy.

Threading Policy Details

The following are the details for the SOAP Service Binding threading policy.

Activity Type Multi-Threaded? Default Thread Count Thread Count Configuration
Transport: HTTP
ProcessStarter Yes
  • Minimum thread pool threads = 10
  • Maximum thread pool threads = 75
It can be configured on the HTTP Connector shared resource using the following fields:
  • Minimum QTP threads
  • Maximum QTP threads

Add Binding

You can add a binding. Click the Add Binding icon to add a binding.

Delete Binding

You can delete a binding. Click the Delete Binding icon to delete a binding.