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Developing a Basic Process

Using processes you can implement business logic that obtains and manages the flow of information in an enterprise between a source and different destinations.

TIBCO Business Studio Workbench provides a design environment to develop and test a process. Developing a simple process consists of the following phases:
  1. Creating an Application Module to contain the processes and shared resources.
  2. Creating a Shared Module (optional).
  3. Creating a Process that implements the business logic.
  4. Configuring a Process to define the runtime behavior of the process.
  5. Adding activities to the process that describe the tasks in the business logic.
  6. Connecting Activities with Transitions to describe the business process flow between activities in a process.
  7. Configuring the input and output data for the activities. See Working with Standard Activity Features for details.

At run time, the process engine executes the process definition and creates an instance of the process definition called a job. A job automates your business process by executing what is described in the process definition.

Note: Conceptual information about processes and their use is provided in the Concepts guide.