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BW JSON utils provide an easier way to create XML schema (XSD files) from JSON payload or SQL statements.

Create XSD Schema from JSON payload

To create schema from an available JSON payload:

  1. From the Project Explorer pane, right-click on the Schemas folder and click New > XML Schema File from JSON Payload.
  2. In the JSON to Schema Wizard, enter a schema file name in the Schema File Name field.
  3. Enter the JSON payload, to be used during the conversion, in the JSON Sample field, and click Next.
    Note: A validation error displays in TIBCO Business Studio if any values from the JSON payload are not valid.

If the conversion is successful, the message JSON payload parsed successfully...Created schema <Name>.xsd displays in the JSON to Schema Wizard window, and you can close the wizard.

Create Schema from an SQL String

To create SQL schema, do the following:

  1. In the Process package, click Resources > JDBC Connection Resource and verify whether the JDBC connection is able to connect to the database successfully.
  2. Right-click the fully configured JDBC Connection Resource > BW JSON Utils > Create Schema from SQL.
  3. In the SQL Query Builder, provide the query statement to fetch the required information and click OK.
  4. A "Schema has been created successfully under the Schemas folder with <Name>.xsd." message is displayed.