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BW JSON utils provide an easier way to create XML schema (XSD files) from JSON payload or SQL statements.

Create XSD Schema from JSON payload

To create a schema from an available JSON payload:

  1. From the Project Explorer pane, right-click on the Schemas folder and click New > XML Schema File from JSON Payload.
  2. In the JSON to Schema Wizard, enter a schema file name in the Schema File Name field.
  3. Enter the JSON payload, to be used during the conversion, in the JSON Sample field, and click Next.
    Note: A validation error displays in TIBCO Business Studio if any values from the JSON payload are not valid.

If the conversion is successful, the message JSON payload parsed successfully...Created schema <Name>.xsd displays in the JSON to Schema Wizard window, and you can close the wizard.

Create Schema from an SQL String

To create an SQL schema:

  1. In the Process package, click Resources > JDBC Connection Resource and verify whether the JDBC connection is able to connect to the database successfully.
  2. Right-click the fully configured JDBC Connection Resource > BW JSON Utils > Create Schema from SQL.
  3. In the SQL Query Builder, provide the query statement to fetch the required information and click OK.
  4. A "Schema has been created successfully under the Schemas folder with <Name>.xsd." message is displayed.