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Editing a Module Property

You can edit a module property from the Module Properties page or override its value from the Properties page that is accessed from the application. Before you edit a module property, keep in mind that the change will be propagated to any activity, binding, or shared resource that uses or references the property.

Note: When configuring an HTTP activity, configuring an HTTPConnector Shared Resource as the value for a module property is not supported. Configure a literal value instead.

To edit the value of a module property, do the follow these steps:


  1. In Project Explorer, expand the application module completely and double-click Module Properties to open the Module Properties page in the right pane. Alternatively, to open the Properties page, expand the application completely and double-click Properties.
  2. Double-click in its [default] column and enter a new value or edit the existing value.
  3. Save the application.
    The value of the property changes color from black to blue. If you edit the module property value in the Properties page accessed from the application, it will override the original value of the property that was defined in the Module Properties page.