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About REST Services and References

A REST service or a reference is created from a process within a project. The content of the process resides in an XSD file in the Schemas folder of the project.

The Schemas folder and the Service Descriptors folder in a project are tightly coupled. If you want to create a service using a Swagger file, you must first import that Swagger file into the Service Descriptors folder of your project. While creating the project, TIBCO Business Studio automatically generates a schema (.xsd) for the definitions in your Swagger file in the Schemas folder of your project.

Service Descriptors folder

The Service Descriptors folder in a project stores the interface description files, such as the .json Swagger file specific to the activator process. These files describe the service and the list of operations and parameters that the service supports. The Service Descriptors folder provides a good way to view the structure of the API. You can use these files to create a service or create a reference to invoke the service.

Schemas folder

The Schemas folder is used to store the XSD definitions that were either generated by TIBCO Business Studio or imported into the TIBCO Business Studio from an external source.

Approaches to Creating a Service or Reference

Use one of the following approaches to create a REST service or reference:
  • Using a Swagger file
  • Using the respective wizard in TIBCO Business Studio