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XPath Builder

Using XPath Builder, you can drag and drop schema elements and XPath functions to create XPath expression.

Note: Click the Transition in the process. In the General tab, select Success with condition option in the Condition Type field. This displays the Expressions field. Click icon to open the XPath Builder window.
Note: XPath Builder is also available from Sequence Key field and Custom Job Id field of all process starter activities (such as Timer).
The following image shows how you can use XPath Builder to drag and drop schema elements into function placeholders.
XPath Builder

See the following image for the displayed result of evaluating the formula shown in the XPath Expression field. The errors in the formula are displayed here.

TIBCO BW Functions

XPath Builder can be used to fetch process related information for any activity. These functions are listed under the TIBCO BW Functions group.

  • getModuleProperty: Returns the value of a module property. Also see TIBCO BW Predefined Module Properties under the Constants section.
  • getSystemProperty: Returns the value of a Java system property.
  • generateEPR: Returns an 'Endpoint Reference' as a string. This value can be used as an input to the Set EPR activity.
  • getHostName: Returns host name of the host machine.
Note: The XPath function xsd:string() saves double values in scientific notation if the double value has 7 or more digits before the decimal point. For example, if the value is 1000000.333, the xsd:string() function renders the value as 1.000000333E6.