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Using an Application Property

If you create a new application property, be sure to map a module property to it. Application properties cannot be assigned directly to an activity or used directly to configure a resource. To use an application property, you need to map a module property to the application property. A module property that is mapped to an application property takes its value from the application property to which it is mapped.

As a good housekeeping practice, do not create new application properties without mapping one or more module properties to it.

Follow these steps to map an existing module property to an application property:


  1. In Project Explorer, fully expand the <application_name>.application.
  2. Double-click Properties under Package Unit to open the application properties page.
  3. Click the on profile column (which shows the property value) of the module property that you want to map to the application property. If you have not created any custom profiles, this will be the default column.
    This puts the profile column in edit mode.
  4. Enter %%<application_property_name>%% where application_property_name is the actual name of the application property to which you want to map the module property.