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Editing a Process Property

A process property that is referenced by an activity can be edited in the General tab of the Properties view of the activity. Alternatively, it can be edited in the Process Properties tab of the Properties view of the process itself.

Important: If the process property you want to edit is assigned to multiple activities within the process, keep in mind that if you change the value of the property in one activity, the value of the property will change for all activities that use that property. When you assign a process property to an activity, only the name and the type of the property is associated with the activity, not its value. The value of the property is stored in the process and remains a part of the process. At runtime, the value gets injected into the property.

To edit the property from the Properties view of the activity, click the activity icon in the Process Editor to open its properties in the Properties view. You can edit the property value by clicking the button or even select a new property from the drop-down menu.

To edit the process property from the Properties view of the process, follow these steps:


  1. Click on an empty space or on the border of the process in the Process Editor.
    The process properties page opens in the Properties view.
  2. Click the Process Properties tab.
  3. Click in the Property Name, Data Type, or Default Value column of a property to edit it.
    Note: You can create a module property and use the module property as the value for a process property. During runtime, the process property gets its value from that module property.