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Set Context

Set Context activity can be used to set the value of a context information resource.


SetContext activity must be placed before Invoke or Receive activity.

The General tab has the following fields.

Field Description
Name The name to be displayed as the label for the activity in the process.
Direction Select from the following available options to specify where the context information should be supplied:
  • Invoke Reference: Selecting this option displays the Reference tab.
  • Reply to Service: sends context information to a service. Selecting this option displays the Service field.
  • Reply to Service with Fault: sends context information for a service fault reply.
Use Shared Context Select the check box to use a job shared variable to share the context.
Shared Context This field is displayed when the Use Shared Context field is selected. Select the Go to icon to locate the required job shared variable.
Service/Reference Select the targeted portType and operation where you want to supply the context information.
Fault This field is displayed when Reply to Service with Fault option is selected in the Direction field.


Provide a short description for the activity.


The following is the input for the activity.

Input Item Datatype Description
input message complex The input message of the operation. This element contains all input message parts for the operation.