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Wait for Notification

The Wait for Notification activity suspends execution of the process instance and waits for a Notify activity with a matching key to be executed in another process instance. The key specified in the General tab and the Notify Configuration resource, creates a relationship between the Wait for Notification activity and the corresponding Notify activity.


The General tab has the following fields.

Field Description
Name The name to be displayed as a label for the activity in the process.
Shared Configuration The shared configuration resource that defines a data schema for this activity.

The shared configuration resource is required, but the schema can be empty if you do not want to pass data between processes.

Key The key to coordinate a Wait for Notification activity with the corresponding Notify activity.
Activity Timeout (msec) The timeout (number of milliseconds) for this Wait for Notification activity.


Provide a short description of the activity.


This activity has no input.


This activity contains an output only if there is a schema defined on the Notify Configuration shared resource.

The following is the output for the activity.

Output Item Datatype Description
schema complex The schema specified by the Notify Configuration shared resource on the General tab.

This schema is used to pass data from the process instance containing the related Notify activity into the process instance containing the related Wait for Notification activity.


The Fault tab lists the possible exceptions thrown by this activity.

Fault Thrown When..
ActivityTimedOutException A timeout has been reached.