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Restrictions on XML Schema

This topic lists the restrictions on XML Schema.

General Restrictions

  • No wildcards or attribute wildcards. For example, any element and any attribute is not supported.
  • Complex types may not contain both an attribute and a child element with the same local name.
  • Complex types may not be of the pattern "simple type plus attributes".
  • Complex types may not contain mixed content.
  • Attributes that are not part of the default(empty) namespace, cannot be used for Complex Elements.
  • The 'choice' and 'sequence' compositors may not have maxOccurs > 1 (same as the restriction on 'all' in the schema specification).
  • Substitution groups are not supported.
  • Element of simple type with an attribute is not supported.
  • The elementFormDefault can only be qualified for schemas used by REST binding and JSON activities.
  • Schemas should not contain cyclic dependencies on other schemas
  • Schemas should not have a type that has two child members with the same local name, but different namespaces.