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Cloud FTL Reply

Cloud FTL Reply is a synchronous activity that can send reply to message received through the Cloud FTL Subscriber activity.


The General tab has the following fields.

Field Description
Name The name to be displayed as label of the activity in the application.
Reply For Specifies the Cloud FTL Reply message for Cloud FTL Subscriber.
Format Defines the set of fields in the message that is sent by the Cloud FTL Reply activity. The form of each FTL message (its field names and their value datatypes) is governed by a format. The supported formats are:
  • Custom: can be defined by using the Input Editor. The Input Editor is enabled only for the Custom format option.
  • Keyed Opaque: a built-in format that contains a text key field and a binary (opaque) data field.
  • Opaque: a built-in format that contains a binary (opaque) data field.
Format Name The name of the Custom format.

This field is displayed when the Custom format is selected.


Provide a short description of the activity here.

Input Editor

The Input Editor gets enabled only when you select Custom format in the General tab. The schema must match the schema of the input for the activity shown on the Input tab.

Input Item Datatype Description
MessageType complex The message type used in the application.

From the Schemas folder, drag the Message : MessageType element on to the process editor.


The input for the activity depends on the Format chosen by the user in the General tab. If you select the Custom format, the input is a data element defined in the Input Editor tab.


The Fault tab lists the possible exceptions thrown by this activity.

Fault Thrown when...
FTLReplyActivityFault The FTL Reply activity fails to reply due to a runtime error.
FTLCreateReplyMessageFault The FTL reply message could not be created.
FTLSendReplyMessageFault The FTL reply message is not published.