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For Each

The For Each group is a loop element that can be used for iterating through array elements. The For Each activity is very useful to determine these array elements dynamically at run time.


The General tab has the following fields.

Field Description
Name The name to be displayed as the label for the activity in the process.
Group Type The type of group. The default is For Each.
Counter Name The name of the counter or Index variable.
Note: Selecting the Global check-box makes the index variable available for the activities outside the loop.
Start Counter Value The start value for the counter ($index) which is specified through an XPath expression. This can be a literal value.
Final Counter Value The final value of the counter which is set using an XPath expression. This value is obtained by the count of the number of elements of a specific type in the request message.
Accumulate Output Select this check-box to accumulate the output of one of the activities in a group.

The output of the selected activity is accumulated each time the activity is executed.

Output Activity Select the activity from the group of activities for an output reference when executing the loop.
Output Name The name of the list of the accumulated output of the selected activity.
Reset Variables The variable to be reset during each iteration of the For Each group.

Click the Add icon, and select the variable to be reset.

To delete the variable, click the variable in the Reset Variables field. The Remove icon with a tooltip 'Remove <variable name>'' is displayed. Click the Remove icon to remove the variable from the Reset Variables field.


Provide a short description for the activity in this field.


A group of shared variables. Depending on the group selected in Group Type, Container displays the group. For example, if the For Each group is selected in the Group Type field, it displays For Each in Container. You can add multiple complex or simple types variables.

You can select from the following available Variable Type options:

  • String
  • Integer
  • Decimal
  • Boolean
  • Date&Time