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Using Different Values of the Same Property Type in Different Activities within a Process

Each property can have a single value assigned to it. A property can be assigned to multiple activities within a process. All the processes using that particular property will get the same value that is assigned to the property. If you want to have different values of the same type for different activities within a process, you must create different process properties for each value that you want to use in an activity. You then assign one of the created properties to each activity based on its value that you want to use for the activity. For example, a property called jdbcProperty of type JDBC Connection shared resource can be assigned to multiple JDBC activities in a process. The JDBC connection itself that is assigned to the property will be the same across all the activities that use that property. If you change the connection to point to a different resource, then all activities using jdbcProperty will be get the new resource value. If you want each activity to use a different JDBC connection, you must create a separate process property of type JDBC Connection for each activity and assign each property the desired resource value. This will let you assign a different JDBC Connection shared resource to each activity.

Activities are bound to the property name and type, not the property value. The value gets injected into the property during runtime. Hence, if you change the value that is assigned to a property in one activity, the property value will change to the new value for all activities using that property.

If you delete an activity from a process, the property associated with the activity also gets deleted provided that property is not used elsewhere.

To create a new process property for an activity that will automatically be associated with the activity, follow these steps:
  1. In the Process Editor, click the activity icon for which you want to create a process property.
  2. In the Properties view, click . A new process property gets created.
  3. Click the name to edit it if need be.
  4. Set a value for the property by selecting the value type.