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Accessing Samples

You can access the samples in TIBCO Business Studio from the File Explorer view.


  1. Launch TIBCO Business Studio from $TIBCO_HOME\studio\<version>\eclipse\TIBCOBusinessStudio.exe.
    By default, TIBCO Business Studio opens the Design perspective.
  2. Click Help > BusinessWorks Samples.
    The File Explorer view displays a top level listing of all the samples.
  3. Navigate to the directory containing the sample you want to access and do the following:
    • Double-click the archive file, <sample_name>.zip, to import the sample application to your workspace. For example, double-click to import the application and the application module to your workspace.
    • Click to open the sample Help page in the References view. For example, by clicking bindings > rest > basic > you can access the Help page for Basic REST Sample application. You can access the help page of all samples using the same process.