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Accessing Module Properties from Java Invoke Activity

You can access the module properties and Java system properties from the user-defined code invoked from the Java Invoke activity and Java Event Source.


  1. Under the module, click Module Descriptors > Descriptors.
    This opens BW Manifest Editor.
  2. In the Imported Packages section, click Add.
    The Package Selection dialog opens.
  3. Select the com_tibco_bw_palette_shared_java and com_tibco_bw_runtime package and click OK.
  4. Add the @BWActivityContext annotation to the method which accepts only one parameter of type com_tibco_bw_runtime_ActivityContext.
    The module property can be accessed from ActivityContext class using the methods "registerModuleProperty" and "getModuleProperty".

Accessing Module Properties in User-Defined Java Code Referenced in JavaProcessStarter

Retrieve EventSourceContext from the getEventSourceContext() method of abstract Java class "JavaProcessStarter". The module property can be accessed from EventSourceContext class using the methods "registerModuleProperty" and "getModuleProperty".