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Checking for Supported Plug-ins in TIBCO Cloud Integration

If your application uses plug-ins, you must verify that the plug-ins are supported in TIBCO Cloud Integration before you push the application to the cloud.

Follow these steps to check which plug-ins are supported in TIBCO Cloud Integration:


  1. Open the API Explorer tab in TIBCO Business Studio.
  2. Click the button on the extreme right and select Settings to open the Settings dialog.
  3. Click the Check Supported Plugins button. You can also access the Check Supported Plugins option by right-clicking in the API registry that you want to connect to and selecting it from the resulting context menu.
    The list of supported plug-ins is synchronized from TIBCO Cloud Integration and you should see a message saying so.

    Before pushing an imported project that uses plug-ins to the cloud, you must validate that the plug-ins used in the project are supported in TIBCO Cloud Integration by clicking this button.

  4. To view the read-only list of plug-ins, click the registry name and right-click within the API registry configurations box and select the Properties option.
  5. Click the Supported Plugins tab in the Properties dialog to view a read-only list of plug-ins that are supported in TIBCO Cloud Integration.
    To verify that the list is current, check the synchronization timestamp that appears below the list.