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Creating a Process

Processes are always contained in a process package. When creating a process, either create a new process package or select an existing package in which the new process is to be created.


A module must exist to which processes can be added. If a module does not exist, create a new module before creating a process.

The BusinessWorks Process Creation wizard helps create a generic business process. By default, it is configured to create a process with name Process. There are multiple ways to launch the wizard:
  • From the main menu, select File > New > BusinessWorks Resources and then select BusinessWorks Process.
  • From the Module Descriptors > Overview getting started area, click Create a New BusinessWorks Process.
  • Right-click on the Processes folder in the Project Explorer view, and then select New > BusinessWorks Process.
Specify the values for the following fields in the wizard:
  1. Process Folder: Name of the module and the Process special folder where the process will be located. You can add multiple folders in Project Explorer and then update this field to select the new folder. For example:
  2. Package: Name of the package in the module where the new process is added. Accept the default package, or browse to select a different package name. For example:
  3. Process Name: Name of the new process. For example: MainProcess
  4. Modifiers: Designate whether the process will be public or private. This can be changed later.
  5. Patterns: Choose the pattern Empty Process when creating a process.
    Note: To create a subprocess, choose the pattern Subprocess. See Creating Sub-Processes for details on creating a subprocess.
  6. Click Finish to create a new empty process. A process with the specified name is created and opened in the Process Editor.

What to do next

After creating the process proceed to: