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Keystore Provider

Keystore Provider shared resource provides an access to a keystore.


The General section has the following fields.

Field Description
Package The name of the package in which you want to create a shared resource.
Name The name of the shared resource.
Description A short description of the shared resource.


This section has the following fields.

Field Literal Value/Module Property Description
Provider None The name of the keystore provider. Select from the following available options:
  • SUN

Default: Empty. The first matching provider supporting the format is selected.

URL Yes The location of the external keystore.
Password Yes The password for the keystore.
Type None The type of the keystore: JCEKS, JKS, PKCS#12.

Default: JKS

Refresh Interval Yes Refresh interval, greater than 0. If the keystore provider is accessed after the refresh interval has expired:
  • The refresh timer is reset to zero.
  • The operations on the keystore provider are performed on the refreshed copy.

The default value is 3600000.