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SOAP Reference Binding

Using SOAP reference binding you can create a service consumer using SOAP protocol.


This section has the following fields.

Field Description
Name The name of the reference binding.
Description A short description of the HTTP reference binding.
WSDL Service Specifies the service name and its target namespace.
WSDL Port Specifies the binding implemented by the service. If more than one implementation is available in concrete WSDL, select an appropriate implementation.
SOAP Version The version of the SOAP specification: 1.1 or 1.2.
Attachment Style The attachment style for the incoming and outgoing messages. The following attachment styles are available:
  • SwA
  • MTOM

The attachment style MTOM is available only if the activity uses SOAP 1.2 and is not displayed when SOAP 1.1 is used.

Transport Configuration

This section has the following fields.

Field Literal Value/Module Property Description
Transport Type None The transport over which the SOAP message is sent. HTTP transport is supported.
Application for HTTP Transport
Default Host/Port None Specifies the default host and port configuration available in the concrete WSDL.
HTTP Client Name None Name of the HTTP Client resource.
Endpoint URI Yes The endpoint of the service through which SOAP clients can access the service.