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Fault Operation Configuration

Fault Operation Configuration enables you to configure fault messages.

Message Part Configuration

This section has the following fields.

Field Description
Part Name Specifies the part name of the WSDL message.
Part Type The body of the SOAP message.

Unbound Header Configuration

You can configure SOAP Headers in this section. The WSDL message part, other than the input WSDL message, can be configured as a header here. The WSDL messages can be in an external WSDL.

Configurations done here will appear in the Concrete WSDL in the SOAP header element.

Use the Add icon to select and add this configuration. Click the icon and select the WSDL, the message and then the part.

This section has the following fields:

Field Description
Message Specifies the part name of the WSDL message as configured in the WSDL.
Part You can configure the WSDL message part as any of the following:
  • Header - Configures the WSDL part as a SOAP Header
  • Body - Configures the WSDL part to SOAP Body
  • Attachment -Configures the WSDL part as a SwA attachment.

Delete Unbound Header

You can delete an unbound header. Select the required header and click the icon.