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Component References

Component references describe the binding information required to invoke an external service.

When the component implements a process that has a reference, then the process reference is exposed as a component reference. When configuring to invoke an external service, the binding information that contains protocol details is not part of the process. The service consumer needs to create a component that is an implementation of that process and configure the binding along with protocol details. The Invoke operation activity or a reference can be used to invoke a service.

References have the following characteristics:

  • They can be public or private. Public references are visible from outside of the process.
  • They always reference one interface or port type.

Based on the availability of the target service name at design-time, you can use either static references or dynamic references. Static references can be used when the target service name is available at design-time and dynamic references are available when the target service name is not available at design-time. This applies to target services developed as a part of TIBCO Cloud Integration as well as external target services.