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Removing Coercions

You can remove individual coercions from an element, or you can remove all coercions and return the element to its original state.

Removing Individual Coercions

  1. From the Data Source tab, select the element type of an element, right-click on the element and select Add/Edit Coercion....
  2. In the Coercion window, select the Type to remove, and click the icon.

In the Data Source tab, the element no longer displays the type you removed.

Removing All Coercions

To remove all coercions from an element, select the Add/Edit Coercion... option, and click the icon in the Coercion window. Optionally, you can right-click on the coerced element, and select Remove Coercion to remove all coercions. Once all coercions are removed from the selected element, and the element returns to its original state.