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Using Scopes

A scope is a group without any conditions that is used to encapsulate activities and variables from the outer scope.


Select the activities you want to add to a Scope.


  1. Right-click on the selection and select Create Group > Scope .
    The selected activities will be encapsulated in a new scope.
  2. Configure the new scope from the Properties view.
    1. General tab
      • Name: Specify a name for the scope.
      • Group Type: Default is set to Scope, which is a group of activities without any conditions. Change the group type to create a group with conditions.
    2. Description tab
      • Description: Enter a description for the new scope.
    3. Variables tab
      You can add local variables to the group from the Variables tab. See Adding Scope Variables for details on adding variables.
    A scope variable can override a process variable if they have the same name. Use the Assign activity to override a process variable with the scope variable.