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JDBC Connection

JDBC Connection resource describes a JDBC connection. JDBC connections are used when specifying activities from the JDBC palette.


The General section has the following fields.

Field Description
Name The name to be displayed as the label for the shared resource
Description A short description of the shared resource

JDBC Connection

This section has the following fields.

Field Literal Value/Module Property? Description
Connection Type None Specifies the kind of JDBC connection you want to create.
Maximum Connections Yes The maximum number of database connections to allocate. The default maximum is 10. The minimum value that can be specified is 1.
Login Credentials Yes The user name used to connect to the database.

The password used to connect to the database.

JDBC Drivers

This section has the following fields.

Field Literal Value/Module Property? Description
Database Driver Yes The name of the JDBC driver class. If you select a supported driver from a list of supported drivers, the Database URL field is populated with a template for the URL of the driver.

The following drivers are packaged:

  • PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
Note: For the Oracle database, only the DataDirect driver is supported.
Database URL Yes The URL to use to connect to the database. A template of the URL is supplied for the selected JDBC driver. You must supply the portions of the URL that are in angle brackets (<>).
Login Timeout Yes The length of time (in seconds) to wait for a successful database connection.

Only JDBC drivers that support connection timeouts can use this field. If the JDBC driver does not support connection timeouts, the value of this field is ignored. Most JDBC drivers support connection timeouts.

Test Connection

Click the Test Connection button to test whether the specified configuration fields result in a valid connection to a database.

Supported Drivers

The following database drivers are supported:
  • orga.postgresql.Driver
  • oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver
  • org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver
The following Data Direct Drivers are supported:
  • tibcosoftwareinc.jdbc.postgresql.PostgreSQLDriver
  • tibcosoftwareinc.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServerDriver