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Invoking Subprocesses

In this sample, the MakeNoise process calls the Invoke subprocess multiple times which in turn calls another subprocess Log.

Note: If accessing the sample from the TIBCO Business Studio Welcome page, go directly to Step 3.


  1. In the samples directory in File Explorer view, expand core > soa > CallProcessAndInvoke and double-click to expand it in the Project Explorer. See Accessing Samples for more information.
  2. In Project Explorer, expand the tibco_bw_sample_core_soa_callprocessandinvoke project.
  3. Fully expand the Processes directory and double-click MakeNoise.bwp to open it in the Process Editor pane.
  4. Click Run > Debug Configurations.
  5. In the Debug Configuration wizard, expand BusinessWorks Application in the left pane and select BWApplication.
  6. Click the Applications tab and then click the Deselect All button if you have multiple applications. Select the check box next to tibco_bw_sample_core_soa_callprocessandinvoke_application.
  7. Click Debug.
    This will run the sample in Debug mode.
  8. Click the Terminate icon to stop the process.

    A log similar to the following prints:

    11:09:38.555 INFO [bwEngThread:In-Memory Process Worker-4] c.t.b.p.g.L.t.Log - ECHO: 11:09:38 AM

    11:09:38.846 INFO [bwEngThread:In-Memory Process Worker-3] c.t.b.p.g.L.t.Log - Echo

    11:09:41.393 INFO [bwEngThread:In-Memory Process Worker-2] c.t.b.p.g.L.t.Log - ECHO: 11:09:41 AM

    11:09:41.689 INFO [bwEngThread:In-Memory Process Worker-1] c.t.b.p.g.L.t.Log - Echo

    11:09:44.394 INFO [bwEngThread:In-Memory Process Worker-8] c.t.b.p.g.L.t.Log - ECHO: 11:09:44 AM

    11:09:44.689 INFO [bwEngThread:In-Memory Process Worker-7] c.t.b.p.g.L.t.Log - Echo

  9. Optionally, push your application to the cloud. For details on how to do this see Pushing an Application to the Cloud.

Understanding the Configuration

This is a hands-on and simple demonstration for the Design time experience with simple Invoke services. The MakeNoise process calls the Invoke process with a single operation and a simple string message. The Invoke process simply returns the Input as the Output.