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Developing Java Applications

The enhanced Java development tooling in TIBCO Business Studio can be used to develop and debug the Java code. Using the software, you can develop applications graphically (without coding), use existing Java classes, or write custom Java code.

Adding Java-Specific Behavior to Projects

Eclipse projects use the project nature definition to tag a project as a specific kind of project. By configuring a project to use the Java nature, you can leverage on the enhanced Java development tooling available in TIBCO Business Studio to develop Java application. A project with Java nature contains a default source folder for Java classes, src, in addition to other folders.
Note: You can choose a different source folder by configuring the specified folder as the source folder and including the folder in the build path.
You can specify the project nature for an application module in one of the following ways:
  • When creating a new application module, select the Use Java configuration check box.
  • For an existing application module, right-click the project name in the Project Explorer view and select Configure > Convert to Java project.

Accessing Java Classes or Libraries from an Application

An application can invoke Java classes or reference libraries containing the Java code, using activities from the Java palette. Depending on the use case, the Java classes or libraries can reside in one of the following locations:
  • Within the same application module as the process: when the Java code need not be accessible from other applications, include the Java class within the same application module. See Using a Simple Java Invoke Activity for details.
  • In a shared module or Eclipse plug-in project : when the Java code must be shared by multiple applications, use a shared module with Java nature or an Eclipse plug-in project to contain the Java code.
  • External to the application: when you do not have access to the Java source files and only the Java classes are available, you can invoke the Java methods stored in JAR files.