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TIBCO Business Studio™ - Cloud Edition

TIBCO Business Studio is the design-time IDE (based on Eclipse) where you create and test your processes.

You use TIBCO Business Studio for end-to-end application development. You can create new services, orchestrate business process, and integrate applications in a short time. A model-driven development approach is supported, with a rich set of palettes for process design. These palettes can be used to visually create and test business processes that connect to various technologies such as a database, messaging servers, and so on.

To open TIBCO Business Studio:

  • On Unix: Run the TIBCO Business Studio executable located in the $TIBCO_HOME/studio/<version>/eclipse/ directory.
  • On Windows: Click Start > All Programs > TIBCO > TIBCO_HOME > TIBCO Business Studio <version_number> > Studio for Designers

In the Workspace Launcher dialog, accept the default workspace or browse to create a new workspace, and click OK.

When TIBCO Business Studio starts and the default development environment, a workbench, appears. You can access the samples by clicking the listed samples on the welcome screen.

Click out of the Welcome screen to expose the TIBCO Business Studio workbench.
TIBCO Business Studio Workbench

For more information about TIBCO Business Studio, see the section "TIBCO Business Studio Essentials" in the Application Development guide.