TIBCO Business Studio™ - Cloud Edition

TIBCO Business Studio™ is the design-time IDE (based on Eclipse) where you create and test your processes.

You use TIBCO Business Studio™ for end-to-end application development. You can create new services, orchestrate business process, and integrate applications in a short time. A model-driven development approach is supported, with a rich set of palettes for process design. These palettes can be used to visually create and test business processes that connect to various technologies such as a database, messaging servers, and so on.

To open TIBCO Business Studio™ :

  • On Unix: Run the TIBCO Business Studio™ executable located in the $TIBCO_HOME/studio/<version>/eclipse/ directory.
  • On Windows: Click Start > All Programs > TIBCO > TIBCO_HOME > TIBCO Business Studio <version_number> > Studio for Designers

In the Workspace Launcher dialog, accept the default workspace or browse to create a new workspace, and click OK.

When TIBCO Business Studio™ starts and the default development environment, a workbench, appears. You can access the samples by clicking the listed samples on the welcome screen.

Click out of the Welcome screen to expose the TIBCO Business Studio™ workbench.
TIBCO Business Studio™ Workbench

For more information about TIBCO Business Studio™ , see the section "TIBCO Business Studio™ Essentials" in the Application Development guide.