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Configuring JAVA in Application Module

To access JAVA code in TIBCO Cloud Integration, you need to configure the application module with JAVA nature.

New Project

To configure a new project with JAVA nature:


  1. On the menu bar, click icon.
    This opens the New BusinessWorks Application Module wizard.
  2. Specify Project name and select the Use Java configuration check box and click Finish.

    In Project Explorer you see a JRE System Library <version> folder created in your project.

Existing Project

To configure an existing project with JAVA nature:

  1. In Project Explorer, right-click on the project and select Configure > Convert to Java Project.

  2. Import and execute the existing JAVA source (which resides in the JAR file) inside the same application module.
  3. In the TIBCO Cloud Integration application module (which has java nature), select the lib folder.
  4. Right-click and select Import > Import > General > File System.

  5. Click the Browse button of the From directory field and provide the location of jar file.
  6. Now click the Browse button of the Info folder field and select the jar file you want to import to the lib folder, and click Finish.

    This copies and places the jar file in the application module's lib directory and adds it to the classpath.