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Log is a synchronous activity that writes a message to the log. For each application, there is a log file.


The General tab has the following fields.

Field Description
Name The name to be displayed as the label for the activity in the process.
Logger Name Specifies the name of a message category. The value of the logger-name is case-sensitive and can be a single name or a hierarchical name.
Log Level Select one of the following log levels recognized by the process engine.
  • Error: logs error conditions and messages.
  • Warning: is the warning message of an unexpected error in the process.
  • Info: logs informational messages highlighting the application/engine progress.
  • Debug: can be used for debug-level messages.
Suppress Job Info If selected, no additional information is added to the log entry.

If not selected, each log message prepends JobId, ProcessInstanceId, Activity Name, Document Update: December 2014 and Version, Deployment Unit Name, and Version name to the message text.


Provide a short description of the activity.


The following is the input for the activity.

Input Iten Datatype Description
msgCode string The error code of the message. This is used as an identifier for the message so that applications can scan the log for the message.
loggerName string The name of a message category specified in the Logger Name field in the General tab.
logLevel string The log level specified in the Log Level field in the General tab.
message string The message to be displayed in the log.
Note: When the message contains non-ASCII data, the default encoding of the Java Virtual Machine used by the process engine is used for text encoding, when writing to the log file.