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Get Event Detail

The Get Event Detail activity enables you to get event information for a specified event ID. The event details displayed in the Event Log are retrieved.


The General tab contains the following fields.

Field Module Property? Description
Name No The name of the activity in the process definition.

The default value is GetEventDetail.

MDM Connection Yes The MDM connection resource establishes a connection to an MDM server, allowing the plug-in to communicate with TIBCO MDM.

Click to select an MDM connection.

If no matching MDM connections are found, click Create Shared Resource to create one.


Provide a short description for the activity.


The following is the input for the activity.

Note: See General Input for MDM Activities for details about some general input items for this activity.
Input Item Description
EventId ID of the event whose details are to be retrieved.


The following is the output for the activity.

Output Item Description
Event Return information on event Id, EventName, Status, State, StartOn, RepositoryName, BackendSystem, Process, and Error.
  • Process: The response message contains the event Id, Description, WfName, FileLocation, AdditionalInfo, and ProcessLog.
  • Error: Return error message, including ErrorCode, and ErrorMessage.

See the TIBCO MDM documentation for more information on those items.