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General Input for MDM Activities

This section lists the general input items for MDM activities.

Input Item Description
Context The context variables of the activity.

You can specify the value of Name and Value.

SessionID Specify the session ID. SessionID takes precedence over UserInfo.
UserInfo Specify the information of the user, including company name, user name and password. UserInfo takes effect only when SessionID is invalid or expired.
MessageHeaders The header of a message. Only HTTP headers are supported. When specifying the header, you need to set the value of the Webservice SOAP Header Extractor from com.tibco.cim.authentication.webservice.headerExtractor to com.tibco.cim.authentication.DefaultHttpHeaderExtractor in the configuration file on the MDM server.
_configData The configuration data. You can specify the value of timeout. The unit is second.
Note: By default, the timeout value of HTTP on Axis2 is 30 seconds. Increase the value of timeout when the execution takes a long time.