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Configuring a Process

Processes define the business logic. Once a project is created, you need to configure the process by adding activities, conditions and services.


  1. Click MDM in the Palette view.
  2. Select an activity, for example, Add Record from the MDM palette and drop it into the Process editor.
  3. Configure an MDM connection.
    1. Click the activity in the Process editor.
      The General tab in the Properties view appears by default.
    2. Click Browse next to the MDM Connection field.
    3. Select an existing MDM shared resource or click Create Shared Resource to create a new one.
    4. If you create a new MDM connection, click next to the MDM Connection field to configure the connection as described in MDM Connection.
  4. Configure the activity as described in MDM Palette.
  5. Add necessary activities to the Process editor and wire them to the activity using timer.