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Preparing to Use the Execute Request Activity

Before using the Execute Request activity, you must import the Dynamics CRM schema into a created project; otherwise, you cannot use the complex type or the simple type of the value in the Execute Request activity.

The Execute Request activity is used to execute organization requests in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server.


Ensure that you have created a project, as described in Creating a Project.


  1. In the Project Explorer view, right-click the project, click Dynamics CRM Tools > Import WSDL Schema.
  2. In the Import WSDL Schema dialog, type the organization service URL address or click Browse to select the single organization service WSDL file.
    Note: The organization service URL address must be consistent with the URL that you entered in the Organization Service field when configuring the Dynamics CRM Connection shared resource.

    If you click Browse to select the single organization service WSDL file, ensure that the file contains all schemas.

  3. Click OK to import schemas into the Schemas folder.
  4. Click OK in the Success window .