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Registering Specific Messages

You can use the Plug-in Registration tool to register specific messages for the plug-in. After you register specific messages for the plug-in, the Dynamics CRM solution can send events triggered on a specified entity.

The PluginRegistration.exe Plug-in Registration tool file is located in the SDK_HOME\Tools\PluginRegistration directory. You can download Dynamics CRM SDK from the Microsoft website. See the Microsoft documentation for more details about the Plug-in Registration tool.


Ensure that you have imported the Dynamics CRM solution to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server. See Importing Dynamics CRM Solution to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server for more details.


  1. Open the Plug-in Registration tool and click CREATE NEW CONNECTION.
  2. Enter the connection information on the Login page and click Login.
  3. Register a step for the Create, Update, and Delete messages one by one:
    1. Right-click the TIBCO.BW.DynamicsCRMPluginEventListenerPlugin node and click Register New Step.
    2. Configure the step information:
      Field Value
      Message Create, Update, or Delete
      Event Handler Tibco.BW.DynamicsCRM.Plugin.EventListenerPlugin
      Eventing Pipeline Stage of Execution Post-operation
      Execution Mode Synchronous or Asynchronous
      Deployment Server
    3. Click Register New Step.
  4. Register an image with the Delete step:
    1. Right-click the Delete Step and click Register New Image.
    2. Configure the Image Information.
      Ensure that the following values are specified in the corresponding fields:
      Field Value
      Image Type PreImage
      Name PreImageEntityAlias
      Entity Alias PreImageEntityAlias
    3. Click Register Image.