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Create Entity

The Create Entity activity is used to create entities in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server.

This activity supports batch operations, which means you can create multiple entities at a time. If you want to create a data collection in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server in a batch, use the For-Each statement to map the data collection to the elements in the Input field in the Create Entity activity.


Establish a connection to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server, and specify the type of entities you want to create in the General tab.

The following table lists the configurations in the General tab of the Create Entity activity:

Field Module Property? Description
Name No Specify the name of the activity in the process definition.
Dynamics CRM Connection Yes Specify a shared connection resource.

Click the icon to select a space connection. If no matching Dynamics CRM connections are found, click Create Shared Resource in the Select DynamicscrmResource Resource Template dialog to create one. See Creating a Dynamics CRM Connection for more details.

Dynamics CRM Entity No Specify the type of entity you want to create.

Click Fetch Entity to open the Entity Selection Dialog dialog that contains all the available entities. Select an entity from the list and click OK. The selected entity is automatically specified in this field.

After selecting the entity, click Build Schema to open the Attributes Selection Dialog dialog that contains all the available attributes associated with the entity. Select the attributes you want and click OK. The selected attributes are displayed in the Input tab.


In the Description tab, enter a short description for the Create Entity activity.


The input of this activity, displayed in the Input tab, varies depending on the entity and attributes selected when configuring the General tab. See the Microsoft Dynamics CRM documentation for more details.


In the Output tab, the ID of the created entity is returned. The output field name varies depending on the type of the created entity .


The Fault tab displays the error code and error message of the Create Entity activity. See Error Codes for a more detailed explanation of errors.

The following table lists error schema elements in the Fault tab of the Create Entity activity:

Error Schema Element Data Type Description
message String The error message returned by the plug-in.
messageCode String The error code returned by the plug-in.