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Input and Output of Retrieve Opportunity Role

When you use the Opportunity Role resource, the information in the Input and Output tabs varies depending on the endpoint that you select.

The following table lists the input elements in the Input tab of the Opportunity Role resource:
Input Item Data Type Description
filterType String The filter types supported by Marketo. Possible values: idField, dedupeFields, externalOpportunityId, and LeadId.
Note: You can only use the filterValues field for idField.
filterValues String A separated list of filter values.
Note: You cannot specify the values of multiple fields in this field.
Object Complex The multiple fields for filtering. If no fields are selected in the Field Selector tab, the following fields are displayed: externalCreatedDate, externalOpportunityId, isPrimary, leadID, and role. If the fields in the Field Selector tab are selected, these fields are added to the object node.
nextPageToken String This parameter is used to paginate through large result sets. This value can be used to access next set of records.
Note: The value of the next page token is obtained from the output of the previous activity.
batchSize Integer The maximum number of records to be returned. The default maximum number of the batch size is 300.
The following table lists the output elements in the Output tab of the Opportunity Role resource:
Output Item Data Type Description
requestId String The request ID returned from the Marketo server.
result Complex The fields that are displayed in the response. The following fields are displayed: seq, marketoGUID, status, and reasons.
success Boolean If the request is successful, this value is true.
errors Complex The error codes and messages for the activity.